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POMW – Project Old Modern Warrior (2011-2013)

It is the man behind the weapon that determines the outcome of the action – Man himself is a weapon, when man decides the outcome of the action

For many years, people both internally and externally in Shindenkan, had theoretical discussions about who are the best warriors or soldiers, the modern or the ancient world.

The ancient Japanese martial arts grandmaster, Minouchi Sensei, said that this was quite easy to answer because it was the man behind the weapon, which was the biggest difference, regardless of time, place, and weapons development. And history shows it has always been so.

The POMW project set out to verify this claim once and for all.

The POMW project was launched with the absolute maximum risk of failure for the Shindenkan organization, IF Minouchi Sensei was wrong, since 95% of all the participants in POMW had absolutely no prior shooting experience or shooting skills.

The POMW project was launched stage-wise at four levels;

1. Above Densho menkyo – Master of all the martial arts (From 6th dan multi track to 8th dan single track, black belt)
2. Under Densho menkyo – densho ranked, 2 months. After level 1 (from the 3rd dan multi track to 5. dan single track, black belt)
3. None densho ranked – black and brown belts, 10 months. After Level 2 (From 2nd kyu multi track to 3rd dan single track, black belt)
4. Coloured belts – 3-4 years of Yakami Shinsei-ryu martial arts training, 12 months. After level 3. (From 6th kyu multi track to 3rd kyu single track)

The result was a large international project, which received considerable international recognition at all four levels.

The project results are fact-based as competence standard is by the international shooting competence standard, both in pistol, rifle and long-range shooting.

The International static shooter competence standard has been solid throughout the project, but the dynamic learning processes and key essence methods are completely built according to the  Shindenkan Yakami Shinsei-ryu Curriculum Handbook and toolbox.

The international POMW project was based in the  main school Competence and Development center of Shindenkan Honbu.