POMW I C 1 & 2′

By on 19. February 2015

By Christian Shidoin-dai, Jokokan Frederiksberg, 2nd kyu Yakami Shinsei-ryu Karate-do, first kyu Bujutsu Kodosokukai Gensei-ryu Karate-do, June 2012

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– Maybe it is (not) easy to shoot, but is to shoot easy?

TLUS POMW I is a course to TG4 and an exclusive and unique black belt Yakami Shinsei-ryu process cycles. TSM POMW C is an 8-10 hour intensive Ryugi and Ryuha course module, which for over 2 days, mainly focused on basic and the advanced techniques through practical exercises and repetitions – It was also Linked to Hsing’i – ‘will-power’.

We were divided into groups according to the number of hours of home training, from 21 out of 21 into 14 and 21 times.

We trained shooting in still standing position on 5 m targets with loaded air guns at 3, 5, 8 and 10 m.
Ready improvement with Bulls eye (0-1 misses) all alone at ½ hour of daily dry training.

Shooting at several targets with single and multiple transitions. Basis + removable eyes and then hips and stabilized upper body and arms. Legs stabilized. Harder to train due to close targets. Larger angles.
Training with laser guns against 5 m disc (black center corresponds to the shooting of 30 m, slice of 15 m).
NB! Focus on the front sight and correct basis and let only the laser beam hits the target over the front sight – this is the recipe for success in the end. By focusing the laser beam’s contact with the target, is in the short terms just hunting recognition and success.

Shooting walking forward and backward and to the side forward and backward, the first exercise is training shooting toward or away from the target, the next one trains shooting around corners.
Keep the center of gravity low. Keep contact to the trigger at all times except at deposits and contact time.

Shooting at an IPSC course with multiple transitions, including shooting at common target boards and IPSC target slices. Fun to test serious option. Four out of approximately 20 was flawless.

– Correct basis, optimal shooting technique and self-evaluation. Proper mindset, mindset and mindset.

D.Q. given in the case of security breach or NON-correct basic causing dangerous situation, provides two minutes of thinking and learning break on the bench, for example,
– Pointing weapon against others, let weapon unattended on the ground, arms and ammunition are not separate but together in the same individual outside shot line, lack of security in general.
That is lack of proper basis, correct optimal shooting technique or lack of proper security.

My personal learning from POMW C:
Correct mindset. When I focused on the job, and I sometimes managed to let go of my ego, and my drive in search of recognition, I shot close to the bulls eye after only three weeks of training. Shortly experience of growing black field under deep concentration. Saw in moments that we could drag each other up as a team by shooting acc. Ability. Being good individually and in a team – just a choice 😉

Again, the internal development actions now show the way for the outer development over time. The law of cause and effect is apparently also here for me in this martial art world. The world is unlimited, and therefore inherently also our ability to achieve our full potential.
It is easy (not) to achieve our full potential, but is to achieve our full potential easy.

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