POMW C1 – The right attitude and determination

By on 15. February 2015

By Martin Renshi, 2012


Then it was time for the second course of POMW C1. The first course was held in the spring 2012, and now in the fall off 2012, yet another group was ready for the course.

The course is a walk through of range shooting and the essence of shooting, which has been served on a silver platter by Kimu Sensei. Which means that Kimu Sensei has used enormous resources and strength, discovering all about modern weapons and how they work.

From everything he learned, he has drawn out the essence, which has been used to create Shindenkan POMW shooting techniqual handbook.

There is no doubt, that everybody who has been through the course, can thank Kimu Sensei for the learning and results they ended up with. Had he not had the right attitude and determination, and had cleared the road for others to follow, then the learning and the end results had been accordingly.

So, on behalf of the hole organization, a HUGE thank you, for the amount of work, and your belief in us all.

The team, now ready for POMW C1 and of course future teams, will also benefit from the fact, that the deep plate has been discovered, and they ”just” have to listen and learn, to reach the same results as others have.

POMW C1 was opened with an update regarding SDK Skytteforening, that since the last course had been created and approved by Dansk Skytte Union, Ballerup Kommune and the Police. At the same time we got a briefing from POMW A and B. Safety, hand position, correct use of equipment for proper aim, and of course attitude. All something that is essential for shooting. All something connected with a strong red thread.

POMW C1 is a dry training course, where air guns and SIRT guns are used with targets in different sizes, simulating different distances. The attendees start out, by shooting from 3 meter, and moves there after to 5 – 7 and 11 meter. For every distance the shooter must shoot at his/her best, and every time evaluate the shots, and of course get feedback from the Instructor, about where to improve. After distance 11 meter, the shooter moved back to distance 7 – 5 and 3 meter, and at every distance the points of learning from the first shoot, were to be brought along and used. In the weeks between POMW B and C1, the attendees had opportunity to practice safety, hand position, correct use of equipment for aim and of course attitude.

POMW C1 would quickly show, the amount of self training. Most had sure hits at 3 meter. But already at 5 meter, it began to show if the practice at home, had not been 100%. And of course it stays like that with distance 7 and 11 meter. All that has been to POMW courses, can with out dought nod in recognition to this, practice makes master, and a lot of practice, makes a grand master :-).

During the POMW courses the attendees also uses SIRT guns. SIRT guns are precise laser guns, that many – if not all – off the best shooters in the world, use as their training gun. They show a laser dot, where you hit, and have the same weight and trigger feel as a real Glock gun. The purpose of this training is to make dry training with ”the real deal”, and it gives good results.

During POMW C1 the attendees was divided into teams and every team got about 5-10 minutes of dry training with a SIRT gun. A really good tool and a really good way of training.

When this Friday night was rounding off, all the attendees could go home with a feeling of success. Even one of our JokoTeens, who had to switch from shooting right handed to shooting left handed, due to a sprained had, showed that success can be achieved, with the right attitude and determination.

The next course in POMW C2, will be in January 2013, where the attendees will be challenged in areas like, dry training in motion and shooting at several targets. At this course, prior attendees will also join up, so that they get a recap and will be ready for POMW 2, which is wet training in SDK Skytteforening.

So all the Shindenkan’s in POMW, can look forward to 2013. It will be a ”shooting” good year 🙂

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